Educational sessions and workshops schedules for Monday, June 5, Tuesday, June 6, Wednesday, June 7, and Thursday, June 8. Nearly all sessions and workshops will take place in the Convention Center section of Moody Gardens. Contact for any questions.

A PDF of the full 2017 EHS Seminar schedule can be found here.

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Track A - Industrial Incidents and Lessons Learned
Track B - Focus on Safety
Track C - Environmental Hot Topics
Track D - Partnering for Safety
Track E - Responsible Care
Monday Workshops

Track A - Safety Under the Hat
Track B Morning - Employee Health
Track B Afternoon - Industrial Health
Track C - Water and Waste
Track D - Process Safety - What is New
Track E Morning - Emergency Response
Track E Afternoon - Security
Tuesday Workshops

Track A - Leadership
Track B - Air Updates
Track C - Industry Best Practices
Track D - PSM
Track E - Human Factors
Wednesday Workshops

Track A - Managing EHS
Track B - PSM Emerging Trends
Track C - Environmental Compliance
Track D - Plant Managers Hot Topics
Track E - Best Safety Programs
Thursday Workshops