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Reserved Booth

Available Preferred Booth
Members: $1,000
Non-members: $1,250

Available Standard Booth
Members: $900
Non-members: $1,000

Booth assignments at a glance

11724 Hr Safety
700ABC Houston
420ABS Group
918Advanced Refrigerant Technologies
629Aggregate Technologies
606Alliance Safety Council
1016Alpha Technical Services Corporation
217Austin Industrial
818AXYS Industrial Solutions
505Baker Risk
719BIC Alliance
822Brand IQ
216BW Technologies by Honeywell
604Caliche, Ltd
630Centron Security, Inc.
411Cherry Demolition
310Clean Harbors Environmental
821Columbia Southern University
405Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, Inc.
920Cooling Tower Technologies, LLC
805Core Occupational Resources
407Dakota Software Corporation
600Decision Point
721East Harris County Manufacturers Assn
917Emerson Process Management
211ERA Environmental Management Solutions
222ESC Lab Sciences
908Essilor Prescription Safety Eyewear
322FSI Field Specialties, Inc
809Garner Environmental Services, Inc.
609Gateway Consulting Group, Inc.
509GCI "When Training Matters"
904GEM Mobile Treatment
228General Data Company, Inc.
817Glove Guard LP
825Golder Associates
906Green Light Safety LLC
820Helping Hand Presentations
717Hunter Buildings
507IEA Reg Action
304Industrial Rescue Instruction Systems, Inc
205Industrial Rescue Instruction Systems
605Intergulf Corporation
708J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
704Jordan Technologies
819Kappler Inc
709LA Ash Products and Services, LLC
323Life$tyle Financial Advisors, Inc.
129Lisam Systems
924Magid Glove & Safety
501Main Event
223Mass Transfer Limited
424Master Lock
121MasterTech Services, Inc.
810MMI Engineering
808Mobile Modular Management
408NASCO Industries, Inc.
816NOV Wilson
301OMI Environmental Solutions
201One Source Toxicology Laboratory
706Optimize Performance
511PSRG, Inc.
307Psychemedics Corporation
220Python Safety
321RCI Safety
9988Redglue, Inc.
705REPSS, Inc.
306Risktec Solutions, Inc.
324Safer Systems
101Safety Council of the Texas Mid-Coast
319Smith & Burgess
309Soar 2 Success Speakers & Trainers
823Southern Global Safety Services
404Specialized Response Solutions
510Specialty Maintenance
221Steel Grip Inc
218T Baker Smith
401Texas Industrial Medical
529Texas Industrial Products, LLC
811Texas Molecular LP
611The Blast Bag
200The Integral Group
922The University of Houston Downtown
707Total Safety
626Total Safety U.S., Inc.
325Total Tent Solutions LLC
402Trauma Locker
711TRC Environmental
410TRP - Technical Response Planning
502United Shutdown Safety
308UT Arlington, Environmental Training
910Waste Connections of Texas
1024Whelan Security
207Whitaker Technical
806Workrite Uniform Company
224Xciel Inc.
209Zephyr Environmental Corporation

2014 TCC/ACIT EHS Exhibitor Show

Build relationships. Build business. Reserve your space now!

Exhibit Hall Hours for 2014 Hours are subject to change.
Exhibit Installation: Monday, June 2, 2014
11:00 am - 4:00 pm - Exhibitor Setup
Show Hours: Monday, June 2, 2014
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm - Welcome Reception
  Tuesday, June 3, 2014
8:30 am - 6:30 pm - Trade Show
4:00 pm - 6:30 pm - Trade Show Reception
  Wednesday, June 4, 2014
7:30 am - 1:30 pm - Trade Show
1:30 pm - Exhibitor tear-down
Event Coordinator: Robert Bennett - bennett@texaschemistry.org

Get it while it's hot!

Reserve your space at the 2014 EHS Exhibitor Show today! Do better business with representatives from the environment, health and safety professionals of the Texas chemical industry. Join us June 2 - 5 in Galveston, Texas at Moody Gardens Convention Center.

What is the TCC/ACIT & LCA/LCIA EHS Seminar?

The Texas Chemical Council (TCC)  Association of Chemical Industry of Texas (ACIT), Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA), Louisiana Chemical Industry Association (lcia) have teamed with volunteers from industry and government to present the premiere annual Environmental, Health and Safety event of the Gulf Coast for the past 25 years. Here's a short presentation describing the event.

2013 attendance of the TCC/ACIT EHS Seminar was over 1,050 person days.

Why should I exhibit?

  • Create a Presence for Prospective Customers – The EHS Seminar is a high profile, cost-effective way to introduce yourself to prospective customers.
  • Maintain your Visibility in the Market – Don't let your company be "out of sight, out of mind". Current and potential customers will be attending the Seminar.
  • Target Your Sales Efforts – The show brings customers directly to your booth so you can demonstrate products or provide literature without scheduling appointments or cold calls.
  • Enhance Your Prospect Database.

How do I reserve a booth?

Read the exhibitor contract below and click the "I Agree" button to begin the reservation process. Have your credit card ready.

Exhibit Space Cancellation:

Before March 28, 2014, 50% of total exhibit space fee will be refunded. Request must be made to Texas Chemical Council coordinator at ingalls@texaschemistry.org or call 512-646-6410. After March 28, 2014, no refunds will be allowed.

May I invite my clients?

When general attendee admission begins (February 2014), you may buy exhibit only passes for admission for any number of attendees you'd like to bring to the show.

Exhibitor Information:

  • Booth contracts and locations will be on a first-come, first-served basis with accompanying payment. Incomplete applications will delay processing and could hinder an applicant's receipt of exhibit space.
  • Only one person from the booth may attend educational sessions free of charge during the exhibitor show. Any additional staff must pay the daily registration fee.
  • Non-exhibiting suppliers are prohibited from displaying or distributing materials during the seminar.
  • Exhibit Services Manual will be forthcoming upon booth placement.
  • The system will not allow a reservation without payment. Please send an email to ingalls@txchemistry.org requesting booth reservation when paying by check.

Exhibit Booth Package:

  • 8' x 10' booth space
  • Back and side drapes
  • Sign
  • Two chairs, one draped table, one waste basket
  • Maximum of two exhibitor representatives allowed per booth. One exhibitor will receive complimentary attendance in the educational sessions. Second exhibitor may purchase a one-day registration fee to attend the educational sessions. If you know the name of the exhibitor to receive the complimentary attendance to sessions, please list their name here: . Exhibiting company will be contacted closer to the seminar pertaining to specific attendance for lunches and for educational sessions both days.
  • Post-conference attendee list will be provided by email one week after the event. The attendee list will be limited to email addresses of attendees who have agreed to allow exhibitors to have their email addresses. We strongly encourage attendees to allow this, but we will respect their wishes if they choose otherwise.

2014 EHS Trade Show

Contract for Space

You must agree to the following terms and conditions before proceeding.


1. Contract for Space: The receipt by Texas Chemical Council (TCC) of your signed Contract, accompanied by payment in full and a completed on-line application (www.ehs-seminar.com), will constitute a completed application for reserved exhibit space at the Show. Any contract not accompanied or preceded by payment(s) will not be processed until payment(s) are received. Exhibit space assignment preference will be given to applicants with correct payment(s) and completed forms. Incorrect payment or incomplete forms will result in a processing delay and could hinder an applicant’s receipt of exhibit space.

2. Exhibitors: Exhibitors must meet the following criteria:

A. All accounts due TCC are paid in full. Incomplete paperwork and/or payment will delay the processing of this Contract and could hinder an applicant’s receipt of exhibit space.

B. Payment in full for booth space with completed Contract. Non-payment after March 28, 2014 will be interpreted to mean that the exhibiting company no longer wishes to reserve space and the reservation will be cancelled. TCC reserves the right to resell this space to another company. Written notice of cancellation received in the TCC office by March 28, 2014 will allow for a refund of all monies paid minus a cancellation fee of 50% of the payment. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR CANCELLATIONS MADE AFTER MARCH 28, 2014.

3. Space Assignment: Booth assignment will be made based on order of receipt and as space permits. All other applications will be placed on a waiting list, and space assigned upon space availability. No exhibitor shall transfer, assign, sell or barter assigned space. TCC reserves the right to reassign space as it deems necessary or appropriate.

4. Space Rental: Rental fee includes the use of an 8’ x 10’ booth, one six-foot draped table, two side chairs, wastebasket and one booth sign per company. Back and side drapes will be provided.

5. Exhibitor Registration: The company name appearing on the exhibitor’s badge and standard sign must be the same company name that appears on the Contract. Each booth comes with two attendants per booth. One staff from each booth will have full access to the sessions. Second staff must pay the daily registration fee. Two (2) additional staff may attend booth & sessions for an added fee ($150 per booth attendant plus an additional $275 per day's session).  NO REGISTRATIONS FOR SPACE WILL BE ACCCEPTED OVER THE PHONE. FAXED CONTRACTS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITH CREDIT CARD PAYMENT OR COPY OF CHECK.

6. Exhibit Regulations: TCC has developed these rules to protect the rights of all other Exhibitors. TCC considers the general appearance of the Show as a whole to take precedence over that of any individual exhibit. The rules adopted by TCC require the cooperation of all exhibitors in maintaining due regard to adjoining exhibitors. Specifically:

A. One six-foot table will be allowed per booth. For those displaying printed materials only, the tables may be placed anywhere within the space assigned.

B. All exhibits must be displays that fit in the space provided and cannot exceed the assigned size. Display units may not obstruct exhibit space to the right or left of the booth. If there are multiple parts to the display, these must not exceed the depth of the booth. Maximum height of a standard booth is eight feet and three inches. End Cap Booths have a back wall twenty feet wide. The center ten feet of that back wall may contain a display eight feet high. The five feet on either side of that center portion are limited to displays four feet in height. Exhibitors in End Cap Booths must finish the back portion of their space so it will not be objectionable to the adjacent exhibitors. If not done by the exhibitor, TCC reserves the right to have such finishing done and bill the exhibitor for charges incurred.

C. TCC stresses courtesy. All lighting and overhead rigging must be approved by TCC. Self-contained visuals are permitted. Utilization of audio will be allowed if audible only within a two-foot perimeter. The units must fit on the tables provided. Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that it shall be solely responsible for obtaining any licenses, permits, etc. which may be required for it to broadcast, perform or display any copyrighted materials including, but not limited to, music, video and software. Exhibitor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless TCC, its directors, officers, employees and agents, and each of them, from and against any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees and costs, arising out of or related to Exhibitor’s breach of this provision.

D. Professionally designed banners may be displayed on the back drape of the booth.

E. Easels and chairs may be used. The maximum size of a displayed object on an easel cannot exceed three feet by three feet. A maximum of two side chairs will be permitted in each space.

F. Storage of all sales literature and catalogs must be accommodated on or under the tables provided.

G. Exhibitors may provide small promotional items (i.e. pens, key chains, hats, sunglasses, candy, gum, etc.) to distribute to anyone visiting exhibitors’ booth in order to assist visitors in remembering an exhibitor or a service offered. Food and drink distributed from the booth must be purchased from Moody Gardens Hotel. No exceptions.

H. The Exhibitor is responsible for all supplies. Drayage information will be enclosed in the exhibitor packet should the service be required. This packet will be sent electronically to all exhibitors by Freeman Decorating at a later date.

I. Exhibitors agree to abide by all local laws, ordinances or regulations by the respective governmental authority.

J. TCC may amend, add to or delete from these regulations as it deems necessary or appropriate and such shall be fully binding on exhibitors.

7. Installation of Exhibits:

A. Exhibitors agree to install their booths within the time frame established by TCC. All exhibits must be set and ready for inspection by TCC in accordance with these rules. Exhibitors may begin installation and setup of their booths on Monday, June 2, 2014 beginning at 11:00 am til 4:00 pm. If exhibits are not installed during the published setup hours and TCC has not been notified and other arrangements made, the exhibit space can and will be sold to awaiting Exhibitors. Those booths not set up within the published times waives any rights to that booth and may be moved to another location at TCC's discretion.

B. All booth exhibits sent to the hotel must be addressed in accordance with hotel requirements. Freeman Decorating will email to all Exhibitors a Service Manual that will give the details of shipping information.

C. Please include your company’s name, your name and contact information on the package. This is to ensure timely verification of your materials.

8. Dismantling Exhibits: Exhibitors may not begin dismantling or packing materials until Wednesday, June 4, at 1:30pm. Breakdown time will be strictly enforced. Please ensure that the staff working the booth from your company are aware of the dismantling times. Exhibitors who violate this agreement will be charged a penalty of $100 per booth in addition to the booth purchase.

9. Liability: The Exhibitor agrees to assume all risks of loss, injury, theft or damage of any kind or nature whatsoever to any exhibit or component thereof, including any goods, merchandise, chattels, papers and business records or other property which may be in or come into the Exhibitor’s possession during the course of the exhibit, or in the course of assembling or disassembling the exhibit and to assume all liability for damage to property, person or persons arising from accidental or other causes incidental to movement and operation of exhibit and hereby releases TCC, its contractors and Moody Gardens Convention Center from any liability whatsoever.

10. Non-exhibiting Suppliers: Non-exhibiting suppliers are absolutely prohibited from selling products and services or distributing items in the aisle, food and seating areas of the exhibit. Any non-exhibiting supplier selling products or services or distributing items in these areas will be escorted from the venue by on-site security personnel. Any Exhibitors observing such activity should communicate these infractions to TCC staff.

11. Indemnification: The Exhibitor agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless TCC, Moody Gardens Convention Center, their respective officers, directors, employees and agents against and from any and all losses, costs, damages, liability or expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising from or by reason of any accident, bodily injury, property damage or other claims or occurrences to any person, including Exhibitor, its employees and agents, or any business invitees, airing out of or related to Exhibitor’s occupancy or use of the exhibition premises in the show or on and adjacent to the Moody Gardens Convention Center, including storage and parking areas or any claims arising out of or related to Exhibitor’s Web site.

12. Insurance: The Exhibitor shall maintain general liability insurance in an amount not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) to cover its potential liabilities under this Agreement, and shall name TCC as an additional insured under Exhibitor’s liability policy for the period of the Show including move-in and move-out periods.

13. Rights in the Event Show is Not Held: Should TCC elect to cancel the Show for any reason, TCC’s liability to the Exhibitor shall be the refund of any payments for booth space received. TCC shall not be liable for any consequential damages that may arise from such cancellation. Should the Show be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of TCC including but not limited to acts of God, acts of war, governmental emergency, labor strike or destruction of exhibit facility, TCC shall return each Exhibitor’s space payment less a pro rata share of costs and expenses incurred.

14. General Conditions: The general conditions of the Moody Gardens Convention Center governing show contractor and labor, fire code compliance, electrical code compliance, security, fixture damage, badges, tax code compliance, music, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, its regulations and guidelines (collectively “ADA”), and all other general conditions, and compliance with the rules and regulations of the Moody Gardens Convention Center are incorporated herein by reference, and made a condition of this Agreement. The Exhibitor agrees that TCC, its officers, directors, employees and agents are not responsible for any damages or charges imposed for violation of any law or ordinance, whether due to Exhibitor or agent of Exhibitor.

15. Americans with Disabilities Act: Exhibitor represents and warrants that its exhibit and product/service information shall comply with the ADA. Exhibitor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless TCC, its officers, directors, employees and agents, and each of them, from and against any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees and costs, arising out of or related to Exhibitor’s breach of this provision or noncompliance with any provision of the ADA.

16. Regulation Enforcement: TCC has full power to interpret and enforce all regulations of the Show and the power to make amendments and/or further regulations that are considered necessary for the proper conduct of the Show. Such decisions shall be binding on Exhibitors. Failure to comply with these or any other regulations or amendments may be sufficient cause for TCC to require the immediate removal of the exhibit and/or the offending exhibitor. This may result in forfeiture of all further rights to exhibit at future shows sponsored by TCC together with all fees paid. TCC may lease any space so forfeited to another exhibitor. TCC reserves the right to reject any or all applications.

Please note that exhibitors may begin installation and setup of their booths on Monday, June 2, from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Exhibitors may not begin dismantling or packing materials until after lunch on Wednesday, June 4,1:30pm. Breakdown time will be strictly enforced. Please ensure that the staff working the booth from your company are aware of the dismantling times. Exhibitors who violate this agreement will be charged a penalty of $100 per booth in addition to the booth purchase.

Exhibitor Registration is temporarily closed for technical reasons. It will reopen on or before February 5.

You must fill out all of the colored required fields before continuing.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Robert Bennett
Texas Chemical Council
1402 Nueces
Austin, TX 78701
E-mail: bennett@texaschemistry.org
Fax: 512-646-6420

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