2021 EHS Call for Abstract Submissions will open the week of
November 30, 2020   


Please be sure to review the below guidelines before submitting your abstract:

  • Be clear.  What you submit is what you'll present.  Nothing upsets attendees more than attending a session that's not as advertised.  
  • Be brief.  If accepted, the session description you submit is what will be listed in printed programs and on the website.  Keep it brief but informative as to what the class will cover. 
  • Be educational.  Make sure your abstract doesn't sound like a sales pitch (no product promotion allowed), but rather an exciting opportunity to learn something new.   
  • Be original.  Take the time to create well written titles and abstract, keeping the appropriate audience and level in mind.  
  • Be concise.  Know your target audience and identify what attendees will specifically benefit from your session.  
  • Be specific.  Provide any pertinent information in your description or bio that will help us determine the Track for your presentation.  
  • Selection process.  Our committee will evaluate abstracts and make selections based on topic, title and content.  The committee will accept abstract submissions through February 26, 2021.  If your abstract is accepted, you will be notified via email or phone call from the Track Leader for that specific track to discuss details.  All speakers will be notified in the spring of 2021 by email if they have not been accepted.   
  • Virtual component.   We ask that you are able to give your presentation in a virtual environment in the event we have a virtual and/or hybrid seminar.   
  • If accepted, your speaking opportunity is voluntary with no expense or speaking honorariums paid by EHS.  




Questions? Please contact:
Paula Lerash, CEM
Director of Education & Exhibits
P. (512) 646-6404