June 8, 2023
10:00AM - 11:00AM

Pending Changes to EPA RMP - What You Need to Know Now

Adrienne Young, Sr. Consultant, BSI Group

Expo A1

For the past few years, companies manufacturing or handling highly hazardous chemicals have been facing compliance uncertainty regarding planned modifications to the EPA RMP rule. After several rounds of legislative action, lawsuits, and rulemaking, the EPA is now on track to incorporate additional changes to the regulation which are intended to better protect regulated entities and the communities in which they operate from catastrophic events. This session will 1) provide attendees with an understanding of the proposed RMP requirements and how they may impact their organizations/facilities; 2) help attendees differentiate between major and minor modifications and their associated implementation deadlines; and 3) assist attendees with recognizing the questions they should be asking now to prepare their organizations to address these new requirements. This information will empower attendees to identify needed improvements to their existing compliance strategies and programs to ensure their organization’s ongoing ability to protect employees, equipment, neighboring communities, and the environment.

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