June 6, 2023
3:00PM - 4:00PM

Lessons From the Flight Deck

Patrick Browne, Flightdeck Safety Initiatives

Expo A3

Stress, poor communication, error chains and a culture of blame, often lead to poor outcomes in the Chemical industry. Aviation addressed these same issues several decades ago, realizing that Human Factors account for approximately 70-80% of all aviation accidents.   The industry developed human skills training called Crew Resource Management (CRM). CRM - Human Factors is a program that trains multiple disciplines to work together in a coordinated and safety-conscious environment. These techniques have also been applied to other high-risk areas, such as maritime, medical, mining, NASA, petrochemical, railroad, first-responders, and nuclear power industries.   With increasing awareness of the similarities, hazards and risk recognition between the Chemical and Aviation industries, programs have been created to introduce CRM - Human Factors to the Chemical Industry to assist in the reduction of incidents and accidents through the improvement of Human Factors in the workplace. Courses are typically co-facilitated by industry experts and are designed to address the unique challenges faced in today’s Chemical Industry environments.  

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