June 5, 2023
3:00PM - 4:00PM

Demonstrating Safety Leadership with Cooperative Conversations

JoAnn Meyer, Founder & Principal, Previse Consulting

Expo A3

Even when safety policies and procedures are world class, people, at times, depart from these standards and put their health and life in jeopardy. When risky behavior occurs, shaming, badgering, cajoling, or bribing is seldom effective. Safety Leaders who engage in meaningful conversations to assess if these occurrences result from “can’ts” or “won’ts”, are best positioned to enable long-term, consistent behavior change. In this session, we’ll explore both sides of meaningful conversations, listening and straight talk. Research shows that, in reality, great listeners use more than their ears and delivering effective feedback requires more than a well-crafted script. We'll discover the real superpower of communication during this interactive learning experience.

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